Steps To Maintain Your Stamped Concrete Patio In Chula Vista 

How To Maintain Stamped Concrete Patio Chula Vista

Stamped concrete patio installation has become immensely popular in recent years. With the high price of real stone and wood, stamped concrete is a great alternative that provides the look you want while being relatively inexpensive. However, if you want your patio to last for many seasons, there are few steps to maintain your stamped concrete patio.

Seal Your Concrete Patio Immediately After Installation

After having your new concrete patio installed, it’s absolutely crucial to seal it immediately after installation. It’s best not to walk on the concrete until 24 hours after installation, but sealing it will make sure mold and mildew can’t grow inside any pores or cracks in the surface during the first year of use. This will help avoid unsightly stains which can make your brand-new patio look old and dirty very quickly.

Clean Your Stamped Concrete Patio With A Low-Acid Cleaner

If you have pets or are just looking to get the best possible clean on your patio, use a cleaner that is non-acidic with no harsh chemicals. This will not only keep it looking new for many years but also not dull or fade its bright color in any way. Never use bleach or ammonia when cleaning stamped concrete patios as this can leave stains behind and generally ruin your patio’s appearance. Harsh chemicals can also dissolve some of the material used in the stamping process which will make your patio look patchy rather than smooth and even in texture.

Give It Some Shade If You Live In A Hot Climate

If you live in a climate where you get extremely hot summers, try to keep your patio covered with an awning or some type of exterior covering that will keep it shaded. This will help keep heat from building up underneath and causing damage to the concrete itself as well as making it look dirty more quickly. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should leave your patio uncovered on cool days. Just make sure if you do uncover it during the day, there’s something shading it overnight so no damage is done to it when you aren’t around.

Bring It Indoors During The Winter

If you live in climates which experience snowfall every year, don’t let snow sit on your patio. This can cause it to crack and ruin the smooth surface of your concrete patio, ruining the look you were going for. Bringing it indoors during the winter is an easy way to ensure it remains in good shape for years to come.

Power Wash It Every 3-5 Years

If your stamped concrete patio has developed mold or mildew, power washing machines are the easiest way to remove this without damaging the concrete itself. Many companies who install stamped concrete offer a power wash service each spring at no additional cost beyond the cost of the cleaning itself, so be sure to ask about this if you’re not offered this as part of their regular maintenance plan. Of course, even if they don’t offer it free of charge, hiring a professional power washing company is well worth the cost to make sure your patio looks brand-spanking new every few years.


Stamped concrete patios are more low-maintenance than most people believe. For our concrete services, contact Concrete Contractor Chula Vista at (619) 304-9911.